Sitemap - 2021 - Slow Chinese 每周漫闻

Dramatic fall from grace

Changing your destiny.

The Chinese words you need to know in 2021

The next big thing

How to cut a Chinese leek

Talking a good game

Into the Metaverse...

Grabbing a good bargain

Is there life after 996?

Learning Chinese from China's top stand-up comic

How to say 'side-hustle' in Chinese

Chinese lessons from Megatron on how to deal with a rude tourist

What to say to someone who's annoyed you

What to say to a boss who's gone too far

How to talk about your appearance in Chinese

How to change your mind in Chinese

This year's most popular Chinese words could be...

Dropping idioms like a chairman and how to talk about your problems in Chinese

Learning Chinese slang from a comedian

Making a comeback

Irrational star-chasing, unhealthy trends and "opium of the people"

Crashing stock markets

Cannibalistic companies and countryside policies

Weasels and chickens, and out-of-touch vaccine policies

You think you're clever but you're not

Making 'old nose' money, idioms about spilling blood and swallowing mountains

Cheesy chat-up lines, obsessive fans

Sitting crooked, bumping porcelain and different ways to talk about a "low desire life"

Opinions on Gāokǎo exams - "countryside pigs", cheating rats and free-range farming

Exploding the pot, "you're out of touch" and more on chicken babies: reactions to the three child policy announcement

"That's easy for you to say", planting grass and idioms about ulterior motives

Poems of hypocrisy, idioms of arrogance and how to talk about a stock market blood bath

Poems about revolt, China's "fan economy" and crypto investors taking a feather as an order

"It's so unfair", tomb dancing and taking things too far

You're not listening, conspiracy theories and unhealthy competition

"I'm done with this", "setting the pace" - Chinese gaming words used in social media and politics

Flowers in a greenhouse, idioms about mistakes and how to talk about movies you love

Feeling fish, injecting chicken's blood and flip-flopping - a typical day at the office in China

Xiaomi's Secret Weapon

Car crashes, boycotts and different ways to be offended

'Stealing Faces' - is AI good or evil?

Hats, hairdos and different Chinese words for hate

You are 'too Feudal', two types of struggle, and super-humans

Riding the wind, playing your cards right and finding the Ox's nose

Cutting leeks, life-saving straw and ephemeral flowers

Screen floods, dogwood, little fresh meat and Three Ox Spirit

Stumbling blocks, throwing pots, mountains that can't move and towers made of sand

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