😊From a hopeless choice to a happy placeListen now (49 min) | Exploring conversations with the founder of China's first clinic for transexuals
⛩️ Temple EscapeListen now (41 min) | The latest trend of China's Gen Z "Buddhist Youth"
Recording: March Monthly Meet-upWatch now (40 min) | Announcing 2 new features in the membership
March Monthly Meet-up Log in details
Monthly Meet-up Log in details
🤮Too TackyListen now (34 min) | Exploring an online discussion about taste in music
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🏦Debt After DeathListen now (29 min) | Discussions about passing debts onto the next generation

February 2023

⚽ Flagrant Football Filth Listen now (41 min) | Exploring the language of corruption in sport
🤖Too Much ChatListen now (30 min) | Discussions in China about how ChatGPT and AI will affect workers and their jobs
Deep Dive Recording: Chinese Media Masterclass Watch now (72 min) | Where to find the best Chinese language news content on the web