Learning Chinese? You’re in the right place.

Slow Chinese 每周漫闻 is a resource that helps you maintain and improve your Chinese language skills, while staying up to date with latest language trends in China.

It’s published weekly - every Saturday morning, around 9am (UK time).

Who reads Slow Chinese?

Slow Chinese 每周漫闻 readers are an engaged community of committed, long-time Chinese language learners and China watchers, including:

  • professionals and senior execs who work in or with China in some way

  • people who studied Chinese or lived in China years ago and just want to stay connected with the language (and not forget everything they’ve learned)

  • graduates using Chinese in their careers

  • teachers and professors who teach Chinese

  • professional translators and interpreters

  • university students studying Chinese

What do people say about Slow Chinese?

This is what readers of the newsletter have said in the media…

  • Jordon Schneider, founder of ChinaTalks newsletter and Podcast:

    It’s an amazing resource for language learners and those more broadly curious about trends in modern Chinese society and politics who also enjoy getting a peek into just how colorful Chinese can be. 

    Read more in ChinaTalks here.

  • Jeremy Goldkorn, Editor-in-Chief, SupChina

    The Slow Chinese newsletter by Andrew Methven is a fantastic resource if you are learning Chinese.

  • And this is what Frances Noble of Leeds University CIB says:

    The Slow Chinese newsletter is a fantastic resource for advanced learners of Chinese to keep their language skills going and keep in touch with what's going on in China.

    Read Andrew’s interview with Frances here.

  • The Beijing to Britain Newsletter describes Slow Chinese as:

    Slow Chinese is a fantastic resource for those of us wanting to learn more about what goes on in China, beyond the textbook and headlines, through the language of those actually living it. Andrew puts significant time into producing it, and it shows!

    Read more about that here.

  • Chinese interpreter and blogger, Zoe Zhou Yi, writes in Chinese:

    前几周发现的宝藏 newsletter,虽然目标观众是学习中文的外国人,但内容完全适合想要精进中英翻译的你我。写每周漫文的是 Andrew Methven,他是一家英国公司的CEO,常年与中国打交道,也读了中英翻译的研究生学位。每周漫文主要内容是国内热点新闻及其中出现的新词/俗语/成语等,Methven 会给出上下文、直译、意译、具体在句子中如何使用。你能学到的不仅是地道的英文表达,甚至还能从他那里学到中文新词。当然,他给出的翻译也不一定是最好的,也可能不准(可以直接回邮件告诉他),但能学到的实在太多。

  • Shi Lijing, Chair, British Chinese Language Teaching Society (BCLTS):

    Slow Chinese 每周漫闻 is a valuable resource for language teachers and students alike. The ideal target audience are more advanced learners, HSK4 level and above. But it is written in a way that non-Chinese speakers and less advanced learners can also enjoy reading it. We wholeheartedly recommend teachers subscribe to the newsletter and share with your students.

    Learn more about BCLTS here.

  • Daniel Nalesnik, Founder, Hack Chinese

    This is an incredible newsletter, and is currently the Internet's best source for real-life Mandarin, from slang to Internet words to business phrases.

Here’s what readers are saying about Slow Chinese:

  • Anna D. (UK)

    Brilliant weekend reading with a touch of humour once again thanks to Andrew Methven

  • Clare O (UK)

    Andrew’s weekly newsletter may be of interest to many of our scholars looking to expand their vocabulary beyond the HSK lists. It is a weekly newsletter with topical and useful phrases and idioms. The newsletter helpful and [we] recommend it to other alumni. 

  • Francesca R. (UK)

    To all fellow Mandarin lovers, would highly recommend subscribing to Slow Chinese 每周漫问. It's a super fun and culturally relevant language resource produced by Andrew Methven. Now just need to wait for an opportunity to drop 一粒老鼠屎坏了一锅粥 into conversation...

  • Richard L. (UK)

    This is an excellent resource for those looking to advance their Chinese level. I would also recommend signing up to Andrew Methven's weekly email subscription - a great resource for advanced practical Mandarin.

  • Robert C. (UK)

    Superb weekly newsletter from Andrew Methven for those looking to get their weekly fill of some of the more interesting news stories coming out of China you might have missed alongside some helpful guidance on new words and phrases for any student of the Chinese language.

  • Jade B. (France)

    Just caught up on Andrew Methven's weekly newsletter and would recommend to anyone even slightly interested in China and Mandarin. It's a great and easy means to keep up with Chinese current affairs, trendy words as well as popular idioms. Do check it out!

  • Robert D. (US)

    I love these newsletters

  • Angus P. (UK)

    Wonderful. I look forward to weaving these into my daily conversation!

  • Rong G. (Germany)

    每周漫闻 is very interesting and useful, even I learned the new word 内卷 which nowhere gives the translation. I am very happy to pass on to my students.  

  • Godfrey F. (China)

    Thanks for the excellent newsletter and the warm welcoming message. 

  • Dominic P. (UK)

    The newsletter is a great resource (and lots of effort). I look forward to reading it and keeping up with my Chinese.

  • Katie H. (UK)

    Such a great idea! Suits me very well having learnt Chinese in the 1980s at university and well out of touch with language trends...

  • John B. (China)

    I like and appreciate your initiative, I like to find new words and trends and surprise my Chinese colleagues.

  • Hamsini H. (India)

    … your newsletter is fascinating. Can't wait to catch up with your archive

  • Sarah D. (UK)

    …it’s really interesting for anyone wanting to keep on top of or brush up their Chinese, and learn language through idioms.

  • Noelle M. (Germany)

    Thanks so much for making this wonderful newsletter! As a culture writer and journalist, I'm so interested in reading about trending phrases on the Chinese internet (lie down! involution!). I have advanced spoken Chinese but unfortunately do a lot of my reading about Chinese in English due to my less-stellar reading/writing ability (I've been learning Chinese off and on for six years. So I'm delighted to see you break down the phrases I'm reading about in English in Chinese that I can understand.

  • Richard H. (UK)

    Slow Chinese is aimed at intermediate-advanced Chinese learners. Every Saturday morning, Andrew introduces key Chinese news items and trends, provides context both culturally and linguistically and outlines important vocabulary for readers to adopt and learn. I always loved a 成语 and Slow Chinese is usually packed with fascinating ones, so I'm sure others will enjoy it.

  • Florence S. (Belgium)

    Thank you for that newsletter, I have been looking for something like this, most things are more directed towards beginners. 

  • Paul C. (US)

    thanks for putting together such a useful resource. I wish I’d discovered it sooner. 

  • Ria O (US)

    Just want to say I think this is such a great idea! Really glad I found this :) I am still in university and have only been studying Chinese for two years, but am very interested in learning idioms and colloquialisms to sound more natural and less like a walking textbook. I’m between HSK 3 and 4 at the moment and find that learning vocab is still the biggest hurdle for me – there’s always something I don’t know so the language still feels very daunting! Nevertheless, Chinese is the most enjoyable language I’ve learnt so far and I think Slow Chinese will help contribute to that enjoyment further.

  • Andre H. (Norway)

    Slow Chinese is a brilliant idea - looking forward to receiving it!

  • Jospeh C. (US)

    Thanks for putting together such a wonderful newsletter.  I've been trying to regain my lost fluency in Chinese for a few months now, and it's nice to read things from a variety of sources. 

  • Beverly Y. (US)

    I'm excited to get your weekly newsletters. A friend suggested your newsletter to me as we are both learning chinese. 

  • Michael H. (US)

    Thanks for doing this newsletter, I immediately signed up once I read about it... Very cool and helpful concept you’ve got here. 

  • Will G. (US)

    Fantastic newsletter - thanks. Please do continue to share links to further reading, videos / stories especially those in mandarin as they are really good resources for my learning.

    Keep it up as I look forward to your newsletters every Saturday!

  • Ryan M. (HK)

    Slow Chinese is wonderful and cheers my week. Thank you so much!

  • William R. (US)

    I love this. Thank you. Simply the start as a way to remember my Chinese in a way that is relevant/worth the time is great. 

  • Federico W. (Germany)

    I am actually a native Chinese speaker, the reason why I subscribed [to] your newsletter is because I’m preparing for my Master of Translation and Interpreting… your newsletter helps a lot with that.

  • David C. (UK)

    … a big thanks for doing these varied and topical selections of vocabulary I do not get exposed to…. I like that it’s sent on Saturday as usually weekend is best time for me to get a little time to review. The format is clear and examples helpful. The recommended articles are also good for China watchers. 

  • Scott M. (UK)

    [The] newsletter is very impressive indeed…. The internet is awash with resources for beginning students of Chinese, but at upper-intermediate and above it often feels like the only way to progress is to throw yourself headfirst into literature and the news.  I also like how you highlight words that are out of the ordinary [which] require just that little bit more poking around to figure out. Testament to how much work goes into these newsletters, and I'm grateful that you're sharing the fruits of your labour with others! 

  • Tom J (Australia)

    I actually really enjoy reading the newsletter. Its concise, easy to navigate, and uses contemporary phrases

  • Sebastian M. (Shanghai)

    If you want to receive the best weekly Chinese trending vocabulary update out there, make sure to follow or sign up to the newsletter of Andrew Methven!

  • Susan K. (Japan)

    Thanks for pouring in so much efforts into your newsletter. Very informative and helpful. A great learning resource.

  • Mark M. (US)

    Your weekly newsletters are consistently insightful… very impressed with the quality of your insights/observations.

  • Emily R. (UK)

    I really enjoy it! It’s a great way of refreshing my Chinese as I struggle to find time to keep it up day-to-day, and also of keeping up with what’s going on in Chinese news!

  • Jonathan

    I teach interpreting to mainly Chinese students. This is a great language resource - have recommended it to them, even though it was probably intended for Chinese learners (just as useful the other way around!)

  • Helen H. (US)

    Thank you this is so good and useful!

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