What is Slow Chinese 每周漫闻?

Slow Chinese 每周漫闻 is a unique resource to help you learn, use, and understand Chinese language the way people speak it today.

There are two ways you can enjoy the content depending on your language learning needs:

  • Free subscribers. As a free subscriber you receive a ‘words of the week’ email every Saturday morning with around 20 words, phrases and slang picked out from the news and social media chatter that week. It includes example sentences for each word, as well as background and context. You can catch up with 12-months of content in the Substack archive here.

  • Members of the community. As a member of the Slow Chinese 每周漫闻 community, you want to use the content as a resource to help take your Chinese language skills to the next level. Members get access to the audio newsletter, and an ever-growing library of dictionary downloads and an amazing vocabulary database with over 1,300 words and phrases updated every week!

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Member Benefits

As a member of the community you get access to unique resources to help you learn, use, and understand Chinese language the way people speak it today, as you master modern Mandarin.

  • 📚 Resources: Pleco downloads, word lists, and example sentences print-outs and audio downloads for each newsletter issue

  • 🔉 Audio: audio version of the newsletter delivered as a member-only podcast every Saturday morning (before the free newsletter is published)

  • 🤓 Archive: full database of all words and phrases in the archive (over 1,300!) searchable according to word-type, sector and topic with audio for each entry, updated weekly

This is possibly the most comprehensive source of modern Chinese vocabulary, with accurate translations and explanations in English, on the Internet! You know, the kind of stuff you probably won’t find in HSK lists or in any text book.


If using Mandarin is essential to your job, or it’s important to your career development, you should be able to expense the membership to your business.

You can pay monthly or annually:

  • Annually: $140 per year

  • Monthly: $20 per month

What do people say about Slow Chinese?

This is what readers of the newsletter have said in the media…

  • Jeremy Goldkorn, Editor-in-Chief, SupChina

    The Slow Chinese newsletter by Andrew Methven is a fantastic resource if you are learning Chinese.

  • Jordon Schneider, founder of ChinaTalks newsletter and Podcast:

    It’s an amazing resource for language learners and those more broadly curious about trends in modern Chinese society and politics who also enjoy getting a peek into just how colorful Chinese can be. 

  • The Beijing to Britain Newsletter describes Slow Chinese as:

    Slow Chinese is a fantastic resource for those of us wanting to learn more about what goes on in China, beyond the textbook and headlines, through the language of those actually living it. Andrew puts significant time into producing it, and it shows!

  • Shi Lijing, Chair, British Chinese Language Teaching Society (BCLTS):

    Slow Chinese 每周漫闻 is a valuable resource for language teachers and students alike. The ideal target audience are more advanced learners, HSK4 level and above. But it is written in a way that non-Chinese speakers and less advanced learners can also enjoy reading it. We wholeheartedly recommend teachers subscribe to the newsletter and share with your students.

  • Daniel Nalesnik, Founder, Hack Chinese

    This is an incredible newsletter, and is currently the Internet's best source for real-life Mandarin, from slang to Internet words to business phrases.

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A resource to help advanced learners of Chinese maintain and improve their language skills, and stay on top of the latest language trends in China.


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